Premium Quality Outdoor cushions should LAST!

In 1979, Our Dad started manufacturing cushions with the ultimate goal: “Make the Best even BETTER.” He focused on 3 American brands – Brown Jordan, O.W Lee, and Mallin … To meet our standards all our cushions must be:

  • FULLY REVERSIBLE (Flip Cushions) to last longer 
  • Sewn with the FINEST UV THREAD, guaranteed to outlast the fabric (NO SPLIT SEAMS)
  • SUNBRELLA FABRIC exclusively – Fade, stain, & mildew resistant – Guaranteed to last minimum of 5 years. (5-year Residential warranty)
  • FULL GUSSET/ DOUBLE SEAM sew pattern – See O.W for examples
  • USA High Density/ Resiliency foam
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT (thicker foam & cushion style compatible with the furniture frame.) Amateure attempts to redesign a cushion can be foolhardy, You don’t put a square peg in a round hole.

 We grew exponentially every year until demand exceeded production capacity. When a business gets too big, it isn’t fun anymore. Yet our Dad believed in “free market capitalism” – We co-ventured with the largest cushion manufacturer in the USA.

Result: No one could match our quality/ prices.

Recently Heritage Cushions was formed to allow family members to own and operate the high-end residential division  

“Imitation is the best form of flattery”

The problem with the internet is you can build a gorgeous website, yet the cushions can be junk. “Knock off” websites start with keywords from our longstanding quality standards: Fully Reversible, removable velcro ties, Gore UV thread, Sunbrella fabric… Then shift to our concentration: Brown Jordan, O.W Lee, and Mallin

So what does it take to MATCH our quality?

  • It took us 40 years to develop the most comprehensive template (pattern) library – from original cushions  – NO MEASUREMENTS REQUIRED
  • Original quality is not duplicated from measurements – a hands-on examination is required in-order to duplicate the original cushion  
  • Cushion design should conform to the frame characteristics – We spent 40+ years selecting the optimum design for comfort & performance – By analogy … We view our cushions as the thoroughbreds of the industry – Why change them? 

A little knowledge is dangerous

  • Suggesting that all high-end cushions have or should have “Pillow fill” backs is BLATANTLY WRONG! Many Brown Jordan collections require FOAM backs for proper fit & support. Truth is, pillow fill is cheaper. It helps to know what you are making
  • Suggesting that “Autocut” produces a better cushion than hand-cut is total hyperbole. Auto-cut is used for mass production, not for quality. Human experts can MATCH stripes and designs in fabric extremely well – Computers do NOT! The cut itself in Sunbrella is not critical – Sunbrella edges do not fray. 

Internet lies & damned lies:

  • 400 YEARS EXPERIENCE – The “knock-off kings” started copying our business model about 4 years ago, yet claim 20 to 30 years of experience. If we use their methodology (add up the experience of all employees & staff) – We have 400 years of experience.
  • LIPSTICK ON A PIG – It is what’s inside the cushion that counts – yet if you have never examined the fill material on a high-end cushion, and substitute inferior material, then using Sunbrella fabric … it’s kinda like putting lipstick on a pig. 

Better quality and pricing

  • BETTER QUALITY – Just take a look at our legendary customer testimonials (All documented emails – No “phony” reviews
  • BETTER PRICING – Our ancestors, with Peter Stuyvesant, purchased the entire island of Manhattan for $24 – WE BELIEVE IN A GOOD DEAL. So to lower our prices, we co-ventured with the largest cushion manufacturer in the USA. We offer better pricing through size and diversification. Our family now focuses exclusively on the residential division … concentrating on Brown Jordan, O.W Lee, & Mallin cushions. Anyone claiming to offer better prices is cutting quality. Learn why? Chat with us (909)758-6179
  • Not only does our present business span 3 generations, “Quality is in our DNA,” we are direct descendants of the Dutch immigrants who built the oldest house (1652), still standing in New York City… Rest assured, our cushions LAST



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