About Us

This is a family run business & we plan on keeping it that way. When it gets too big it isn’t fun anymore. During peak season, we may limit sales to assure fast service & quality standards. We frequently set a $500 – $1000 min order…. When demand exceeds production capacity, we become very selective and focus on high end cushion COLLECTIONS.

We grew exponentially every year to the point where we had to set limitations. The easiest way to do this was to focus on the finest American brands exclusively… Heritage Cushions was established to enable us to provide the best quality / value in the industry without having to raise prices to control demand.

We believe in Free Market Capitalism… “Best Quality, Best Service, Best Prices”…

works every time!


Now entering our third generation– CUSHIONS USA operates several divisions:

Do NOT confuse us with “pirate” online sources– we are the longstanding, ORIGINAL CUSHIONS USA located in Upland and Ontario, CA.

We’ve been manufacturing cushions for 40 years– prior to going online in 2008- we made cushions under the dba of “California Dreamin”– after going online the business grew far beyond our production capacity– Cushions USA was born– and grew into separate divisions– e.g. generic cushions, high end industrial brand cushions and commercial. We then coventured with two of the largest cushion manufacturers in the USA– a good example is our commercial division– you do NOT do complex commercial/ contract orders online– actual production personnel need to get involved…we only INITIATE the order online– then transfer to the commercial division for hands on bid/ service.

We have expanded/ consolidated to where now everything we do is produced in the Acacia Ave. plant in Ontario, CA.