Brown Jordan Aegean, Eastlake, Fusion, Mission Teak, Coast cushion collections and more…

At year’s end, we review the most frequently ordered Brown Jordan cushion collections– Florentine, Venetian and Havana are offered by most cushion manufacturers, but many Brown Jordan owners turn to us for Aegean, Eastlake, Fusion, Mission Teak and Coast cushion collections– probably because we have the pattern for practically ALL Brown Jordan frames.

At the high end of the continuum, we even make the 6 piece Harmony chaise– so look no further– the new year will mark our 41st year as independent manufacturers making the most comprehensive line of Brown Jordan replacement cushions in the industry. Happy Holidays from all at Cushions USA- Heritage Division.

Brown Jordan, Mallin and OW Lee replacement cushions are better than originals

Since we have concentrated on high end cushions in recent years– Brown Jordan, OW Lee and Mallin replacement cushions– we always review current trends and technological improvements at years end. We have always improved original cushion designs to make cushions fully reversible/ last longer. We have never been fans of blown fiber fill backs– true they are softer and more comfortable to some folks– but over time, the outdoor cushions tend to distort and piping “snakes”– consequently,  we are going to offer an upgraded reinforced fiber fill to all back cushions for Mallin, OW Lee and Brown Jordan cushions in 2019.

Brown Jordan Replacement Cushions

Cushion “offseason” is best time to order Brown Jordan replacement cushions– we can discount Brown Jordan Harmony chaise lounge, Parkway Curvelinear and Campaign Grande collections. These cushions are the most expensive in the Brown Jordan line– so, SAVE in October- December.

Mallin recently sold company– we have templates on practically all discounted Mallin cushion collections.

OW Lee remains as the major high end brand exclusively made in the USA. We have specialized in OW Lee replacement cushions and have templates for Classico, San Cristobal, Monterra, Chateau, Orleans, Rancho and most current and discontinued cushion collections.

Brown Jordan Chaise Replacement Cushions / Brown Jordan Florentine Replacement Cushions

As the outdoor patio/ cushion season ends, Heritage Cushions evaluates cushion sales. We noticed an increase in sales with the exception of 2 Brown Jordan areas…the Brown Jordan Florentine collection and Brown Jordan chaise lounge cushions. Sometimes the problem stems from search rankings on the internet– rest assured, we have all Brown Jordan Florentine templates as well as practically all Brown Jordan chaise. During off season, we will discount these items to assure we are extremely price competitive.

Brown Jordan, OW Lee and Mallin Replacement Cushions

Heritage Cushions/ Cushions USA starts our cushion discount program in September on our most frequently ordered Brown Jordan, OW Lee and Mallin cushion collections…including Brown Jordan Eastlake, Fusion, Coast, Aegean and Venetian cushions. OW Lee cushions Include Classico, Del Coronado and San Cristobal– Mallin collections include Atlantis, Arlington and Scarsdale. Shop off-season and save.

Brown Jordan Replacement Cushions

Cushions USA/ Heritage Cushions end of season specials- Brown Jordan replacement cushions- Florentine, Venetian, Elegance, Havana and Eastlake cushions at 50% off retail– special discounts on in stock Sunbrella fabrics outdoor collections.

Brown Jordan, OW Lee and Mallin Replacement Cushions

Cushions USA recently launched Heritage Cushions as a new WordPress mobile device friendly site for Brown Jordan replacement cushions, Mallin replacement cushions and OW Lee replacement cushions. We have concentrated on these 3 brands because they reflect the finest American cushion brands. Our pricing remains the most competitive in the high end cushion industry.

Brown Jordan Replacement Cushions

Heritage Cushions offers discounts on Brown Jordan replacement cushions during “off season”. Most Brown Jordan cushion owners order the popular cushion collections in the spring. Requests for Aegean, Florentine, Eastlake, Fusion, Havana and Venetian cushions become overwhelming– we actually must restrict orders. Conversely, we seldom hear from Brown Jordan cushion customers in the winter months– so be smart– order in the off season– Brown Jordan cushions are made to last for years– not just one summer season.